Windows App

You can download our Windows App directly from our website located at the following link :- VPN Pro Windows App

Please kindly note, Windows Smart Defender may flag the app as harmful.  This is due to the App being new, you are safe to press more info, and run anyway, it WILL NOT harm your device.



Enter your username and password in the email you received when you signed up with the subject (VPN Login Details).  You can toggle the remember me so you don't have to enter your details each time.



Once you are signed in select the server and then press CONNECT.  The app will show you, your VPN ip address and you will see the data moving as you use apps and websites.  To find the fastest server for your location, press the network icon underneath the servers, and it will sort the servers by ping.  Please note servers display 0ms are currently offline or undergoing maintenance so do not select them.

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