Android Phones / Tablets / Boxes App

You can download our App on the Google Play Store by visiting the following link - VPN Pro / Google Play Store

You can also download our app directly by clicking the link in your browser.  You will have to enable unknown sources for it to install - VPN Pro Android / Firestick APK



Enter your username and password in the email you received when you signed up with the subject (VPN Login Details)



Once you are signed in view & select a server, and then press start VPN.  The app will show you, your vpn ip address and you will see the data moving as you use apps and websites.



You can set the VPN app to be on all of the time if you wish.  Simply press the settings icon in the top right and press LAUNCH VPN SETTINGS.  Press the settings icon next to VPN Shop and press the toggle next to Always-On VPN, you can also toggle Block connections without vpn if you become disconnected for whatever reason.


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